Posted on 2015-03-11 01:32:39

Hey hey hey!!
I was so excited yesterday that I couldn’t sleep (lol)

Before I knew it, today had arrived!
Meet-and-greet sessionssss!

First, TOHO Cinemas Malera Gifu!
Then, TOHO Cinemas Gifu!
Lastly, TOHO Cinemas Kisogawa!

Lots of Mononofu-san dashed to meet me!
Thank you so much *\(^o^)/*

Today’s the last time I’ll be doing solo meet-and-greets!
So I was saying that I wanted to do something special, and Toho’s staff, Tsukioka-sana aka Tsukii, who has always helped me as host, who always dresses in suits, actually dressed up in the T-shirt from my solo concert yesterday, complete with towel and tied hair!

He went full Reni-oshi mode, and did the hosting without a script (lol)
What a rare happening!

I really didn’t want to leave at the end, so my feet subconsciously brought me back up on stage (lol)
Everyone was so surprised, huh? (lololol)

But that was fun too!
All of it!
It snowed at the end, did everyone get home safely?
Thanks for waiting out in the snow for me!
I hope nobody caught a cold!
Please keep warm!