Translation Requests

I’m open to taking translation requests, as long as its in the range of anything related to J-music in general. Just drop me an e-mail at soulful_eyes(at) =)

For Song Lyrics
Please provide:
1) A CD booklet scan with the lyrics clearly visible / Website which displays the lyrics in Japanese form, not roomaji (You can try Mojim or Little Oslo)
2) A YouTube video of the song, if possible

Each user is only limited to TWO free song translations. There will be a small charge of JPY¥200 per song for any subsequent translations. Discounts will be given for bulk translations of entire albums, do e-mail me for more details! ^^

Longer/tougher requests will naturally take a longer time for completion, and if subsequent requests are small/easy to finish, I will work on both concurrently and the easy request may be posted up earlier.

Note: All requests fulfilled will be posted up onto this blog, and be made available for public viewing. The requester is free to share the translation, with full credit, anywhere they wish.

That’s all. Happy requesting!! ^^

p.s. Comments with requests will be removed after it’s been fulfilled. So if you find that your comment is gone from below, check the updates list for the translation. 😉

40 thoughts on “Translation Requests”

  1. NEETO said:

    Hey! Misa-chan~ I was searching for a translation of the song “ALIVE” by SOUL’D OUT and I couldn’t find any that made any sense.. I was wondering if you could translate it for me.

    Here are the Japanese Lyrics
    (A lot of the song is IN English, but the rap parts aren’t.)

    Here’s a video with the song in it.

    Thank you ahead of time..

  2. あっちゃん said:

    Nice to meet you‼️
    I have a request, if you could able to translate all the new songs of Acid Black Cherry ‘s new album “L-エル-” 2/25 which released this week and I can’t seem to find the translation for this album anywhere online, yet.
    I will really appreciate it as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

    Here is lyrics from

    • Misa-chan said:

      Hi あっちゃん,

      As mentioned, it would be helpful if you can provide me with YouTube videos of the songs, because that will help me in proofreading the roomaji and translation.

      If that’s not possible, you can always zip up the songs and email it to me privately. No worries about copyright or piracy because I will delete the tracks from my side once I’m done with them, and I only need low quality tracks so feel free to shrink them down.



  3. Hajimemashite! I’ve followed your blog for a long time & i really love your translation, thank u for your hard work. Can i request this song? I really love it, but i can’t find any translation so i hope you will translate it into English (I’m gonna sub it cause i’m a subber ^^), arigatou gozaimasu. Here the video & lyric:—Konya-wa-Boogie-Back-feat-Shota-Shimizu-%2526amp%253B-SHUN/72e6f05a17f8c00bc371a053300ef63a

  4. Kudo Ranran said:

    Hi Misa-chan,

    I really thank you for the translation onto one of the vocaloid song ‘Night and cigarette”.I was wondering would it be possible for you to translate another song please. 🙂


  5. Kuru-chan said:

    Hey, Misachan~
    I’d really appreciate it if you could translate Anfiel’s ‘unfil’
    Here’s a video, the lyrics are in the video description~

    Thanks in advance~ 🙂

  6. hielmiez said:

  7. Oreo-san said:

    Hello Misa-chan, can you translate the new song of Kotobuki Minako?



  8. Hello Misa-chan, can you translate Animal Rhythm by Sakura Gakuin?


    Song Video:


  9. Oreo-san said:

    Hello Misa-chan.

    I see that you have a special section for Momoclo lyrics in your blog. Are you thinking in translate the song “Z no Chikai”?


  10. hello, misa-chan. can you translate Hyadain’s songs, please?

    1. Samba de Toriko

    2. Nyanpire Taisou

  11. could you sub more of akb48’s Koko ga Rhodes album songs?! specially members solos ^^

  12. Can I request Silent Siren Soukai Rock, Are You Ready, China Kiss, Stella, Sweet Pop translation? thank’s

  13. Ryoneonplayer87 said:

    Hi~ I was wondering if i could request a song

    Youtube video:

    [Lyrics in video!!!]

  14. Richo said:

    Hello Misa-chan, can you translate this song BiSH – MONSTERS


    Link MV

    Thank you !!!

  15. Lee Soo Young’s yakanhikou please! I’ve been wondering what this song meant forever…
    You can listen to it on itunes:
    and the lyrics are here:
    thank you very much~!

  16. MosesLH said:

    Hello! I hope you are well n-n I thank you so much for your translations.
    I would like to request a translation for this beautiful song, Nandeya Nen Nen by Hamada Bamyu Bamyu.

    Here’s the video:

    and these are the lyrics:

  17. Hello!, can you please translate Nandeya Nen Nen by Hamada Bamyu Bamyu? I’d really appreaciate it n.n

    Here is the video and the lyrics:



  18. Gabriela said:

    Hi misa-chan. Can you do this one for me, please? *-* I really love this song

    The lyrics are in the video too

  19. anony said:

    I would like to request a translation of the lyrics to “We Are Born” by Momoiro Clover Z, please. I’m afraid I don’t know anywhere to view the lyrics written down, but the song can be heard here:

    Thank you for your time.

  20. Chris said:

    Hello I was wondering if you could translate Bayonet Charge by Nana Mizuki and Ayahi Takagaki

    Here are the lyrics and the video is on the page

    but just in case here’s the video by itself, its a live version

  21. SphereLOve said:

    Hi there !!
    I like your translation a lot . Can you please translate the song “Dreams count down” by Sphere .. Heres the romaji link

  22. Jou・Kyou・Mono・Gatari
    by LoVendoЯ

  23. Chamo said:

    Hiii~ Thanks for doing these requests 😮 I’d like to request “Fraction” by TRUE. The lyrics are here: I couldn’t find a youtube link, so I uploaded the song here:

  24. Luis Ruvalcaba said:

    Hello, i wanted to know if you could translate guso drop’s new single mushi the lyrics are on the website

    Also if you could please translate the rest of their songs that would be great

    Thanks in advance

    I’ll send you the songs by email

  25. Yukueshirezutsurezure – Kyousoukaichinari (feat. Zenbukiminoseida.)
    (ゆくえしれずつれづれ – 凶葬詩壱鳴り feat. ぜんぶ君のせいだ。) (Lyrics) (Song Link)

    Thank you!

  26. Dear Misa-chan,

    First of all, thank you so much for your amazing translation. I really like it.

    Then, could you please translate this song of INFINITE?
    Here’s the lyrics:
    Here’s the MV:

    Thanks in advance

  27. Could you translate this song (happiness – ordinary girls)

  28. Oktopus said:

    Misa-chan! Thank you for your hardwork! /partpopper everywhere + fireworks/

    Okay, please translate this song because omg. Praise the song xD

    Anyway, here’s the lyrics. (Thank god there’s a lyrics)

    And this is the video or YouTube link or something like that

    The song is Chocolate Holic (チョコレート・ホリック) by rib (りぶ)

    Thank you in advance. Have a good day. 👊

  29. Gabriel said:

    Hello! I have a song I would like translated:

    Kanji and romaji lyrics here:
    Thank you for your time!

  30. Tiffany Tan said:

    Can you help me to translate :

    Fight -Anri Kumaki
    Change – Unlimited Tone

    Thank you !

  31. jessy said:

    Team Syachihoko [Oguro Yuzuki] – La la la Idol

  32. I’d like to make a request:

  33. Cyberpixie said:


    I’ve been looking for a long time for translations of two songs: an translation for Miku’s Mythologia’s End (wich the japanese lyrics are known) and Unity-Chan’s UNITE IN THE SKY (Wich i could get half of the lyrics)

    I understand if you couldn’t get Unite in The Sky because there’s only half of the lyrics in text

    Here is Hatsune Miku’s Mythologia’s End Lyrics:
    And the song:

    Here’s the lyrics of the short ver of UNITE IN THE SKY that i found inside an Vocaloid Project File:
    And the full song:

    Thanks for reading 🙂

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