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Welcome to Misa-chan’s J-pop blog ♪. ^ ^ Here you will find translations of lots of song lyrics from many different artistes, artiste blog entries and more!!😉

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Latest Updates List

SPICY CHOCOLATE – Kimi to mirai single
Kimi to mirai feat. Ms.OOJA & KOTOBUKI-KUN

AKB48 – LOVE TRIP single
Shiawase wo wakenasai
Hikari to kage no hibi
Densetsu no sakana
Shinka shitenee jan
Kishi ga mieru umi kara
2016nen no Invitation
Hikari no naka he

nanoCUNE – Higeki no Macho Man single
Higeki no Macho Man

nanoCUNE – Tenjou rakuen album
Massatsu rock

SKE48 – Kin no ai, gin no ai single
Kin no ai, gin no ai
Happy ranking
Madogiwa LOVER
Sayonara ga utsukushikute
Ii hito ii hito sagi
Konya wa Shake it!

nanoCUNE – Tempra single
TV Easy

Hosomi no shy boy – Mama single

Mugen Regina – Joou shikkaku album
Sakura kurui, saku wa mayoi shi

You’ll Melt More! – Unforgettable Final Odyssey album

BELLRING Girls Heart – BedHead album
Bokura no Wednesday
Rice to tuning

Hey!Say!JUMP – DEAR. album
RUN de Boo!
Dream master
Kimi attraction
Special Love

NMB48 – Boku wa inai single
Boku wa inai
Ima naraba
Sora kara ai ga futte kuru
Saigo no goshakudama
Mousou machine sangouki
Short-cut no natsu
Yume no nagori

3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Misa-chan said:

    Hi d0fph0t0,

    I will need more details before I can quote a price. Is it a movie? How long is it? How dialogue-intensive is it? Are there Japanese subtitles available? All these will affect the pricing yep.

    Looking forward to hearing from you again. ^__^


    • Hi Misa- The movie is roughly 90 minutes long. There isn’t a lot of dialogue but there are about 6 song performances (subtitles for those songs are available on the web) There are no Japanese subtitles unfortunately.

  2. pescadito said:

    Ah! I find it !! thank You so much!!🙂

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