Posted on 2015-03-10 14:35:00

9 March
Takagi Reni’s first solo concert! A challenge of 4 volumes in 60 minutes!
Has ended successfully!

Thank you so much to everyone who took leave from school or work just to come support me today!
Especially those who came from faraway locations.
With everyone’s strength, we managed to get through the 4 volumes one by one while enjoying ourselves to the max. I really wanted to stay with everyone forever ^ ^

The staff also helped to create a wonderful environment just for me today, and when I said that I didn’t want to wear costumes, but more personal-style clothes, they made some really cute ones for me!
Furthermore, there was more than one outfit for me to change into!

Tokoro-sensei also helped to design the T-shirt and pamphlet, and even had to forego sleep!
I’m really so grateful to everyone involved.
I’ve received everyone’s faces and voices loud and clear.

Since it was my first time, I wanted to share songs which are truly precious to me with all the Mononofu!
But there is still lots of music I want to deliver to everyone, so I’ll see you again next year (laugh)
Then, when I mentioned that I wanted to do this again next year, H.I.P’s Takahashi Meijin quickly booked the venue for me!
So very grateful!

Ikura Manami-chan came as my last-minute special guest, and Syachi’s Yuzuki came to watch the concert too,

It’s truly impossible to describe or summarize in words the amount of joy I felt.
Everyone, thank you so so much!
I love you all!

Sorry I couldn’t do it well.

I changed the entire basic setlist, so 9 March was the general collation.
I just have so many precious memories, and I wanted everyone to sing together at the end, to recall all the moments in my life and the faces of the Mononofu and everyone who supported me through the lyrics.
So I strove hard and finished the solo concert that way.
Therefore, I want to be that way too.
So I decided on 9 March.

I may be making more work for others,
but as long as we can all be that way in the future! For always!

Thank you so so much!
See you next year!