Momota Kanako, The Tea Plantation Cinderella!


Name: Momota Kanako (百田 夏菜子)
Nickname: Kanako ↑↑, Deko-chan
Birthday: 12 July 1994
Bloodtype: AB
Height: 155 cm
Birthplace: Shizuoka Prefecture
Hobby: Relaxing at home, watching DVDs
Speciality: Acrobatics, dance, basketball
Strength: Cheerful, hates losing
Weakness: Tiresome, doesn’t listen to others
Personality: My pace
Favourite food: Sweets
Favourite word: Gratitude
Momoclo: A place which allows me to grow

Everyone, hold out your index finger!
Let’s go!
(Hachihachi hachihachi dekoppachi~)
Who’s the tea plantation Cinderella~?
Kanako~ ↑↑
Dimples are traps for love, this is Momota Kanako!



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