Posted on 2015-03-09 23:32:37

Nationwide pilgrimage for movie “Maku ga Agaru”

I went to Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Kumamoto Prefectures!

To see everyone in Kyushu~! ☆

Miyazaki’s Kinema-kan
had a really historic feel,
and everyone welcomed me with such a homely atmosphere!

Then, I visited 2 venues at Kagoshima!

TOHO Cinemas Yojirou
and Kagoshima Mitte 10!

The mood at these 2 places were quite different,
so it was really interesting ^ ^

We had a live phone conversation with Reni-chan,
who was doing a solo concert at Nagoya!

And suddenly, she just blurted out
“It’ll be Tama-san’s turn next—!”, and so annouced to everyone plans for my solo concert…

What should I do?
Can I do it?
Well, I don’t think it’ll happen so soon,
so please wait patiently (laugh)

Reni-chan’s solo concert seemed to end on a high note, so good job!

I actually wanted to go and watch her, but too bad 😭
Please do another one (laugh)

Then lastly, Kumamoto!
TOHO Cinemas Uki

Everyone was so energetic,
and in such high spirits ^ ^

Tomorrow will be spent in Kyushu too!
It’s the final battle of the nationwide pilgrimage.
So let’s enjoy ourselves!

Senpai Kitagawa Keiko-san!
wrote about “Maku ga Agaru” on her blog!

I’m so happy! 😭❤️

She’s such a kind senpai.

I’ll write about my food adventures next time 😏