Posted on 2015-03-09 23:43:58

So! ♪
This is Nakanishi-san in uniform before the transfer!!

And Nakanishi in sailor school uniform de-ariyasu (*^^*)

I’ve given a small hint in the previous entry,
so quite a number of people predicted that this would happen! ^^;

And so,
I went to Matsumoto and Maizuru today (*・Θ-*)

There were only 2 venues,
so I managed to host in an easy and calm manner ♪

Thanks to everyone who came (*^Θ^*)

Oh yeah, talking about Maizuru,
we came here once, when we were still Momoclo without the “Z”
for a grape harvesting event ^_^ with fans ☆

Remembering that just felt so nostalgic~ (*’-’*)

Yep, I recall
how the grapes were so delicious so we nicknamed Yamagata Prefecture as BUDOKAN,
and did an event there (laugh)

We used to do such things~ .:*:゜☆

And went to so many places~ .:*:゜☆

And now, we also get to visit lots of places for meet-and-greets (^m^) Fufu! ♪

The number of people who have watched the movie is steadily increasing

I wonder
if Nakanishi will end up gaining more fans than Ariyasu… (laugh)

Well, that’s not a bad thing too (^m^)

What will make me happiest
is if everyone can see how the two are different people and accept both of us! ☆

And now, I’ve come to understand
the feelings of voice actors and actresses a little better (*’-’).:*:゜☆

And then~ today,
while we were hosting the meet-and-greet sessions,
our eldest ☆ my Osaretai partner
Reni held her solo concert ♪♪♪

Ariyasu watched over Reni from afar today
during the time she was moving between venues |Θ・)

There were a few people who were going for the solo concert
after my meet-and-greet, and some who had already gone.
Everyone was smiling

Seeing their smiles
just made me feel really happy too (*^Θ^*)

As expected ☆ from “Egao ga ichiban!! Reni-chan” ♪

You did a really great job today! (*^^*)

Oh! Yes yes ♪
And then—

Kitagawa Keiko-san
wrote a really long review of “Maku ga Agaru” on her blog (* *)

I was shocked to find out that she’d gone to watch the movie,
but to know that she had also written a review… ☆

Reading it made me tear up (*T T*)

Kitagawa Keiko-san
is really a senpai whom I’ll always look up to… ☆

So, tomorrow is the 2nd day of return meet-and-greets!!

I’ll be visiting Minami-oosawa, Fuchuu, and Shin-yurigaoka ☆

Everyone I’m meeting tomorrow ♪
I’m looking forward to seeing all of you, so please support me— (*・Θ-*)


Note: Nakanishi-san is the character Momoka plays in “Maku ga Agaru”.