Posted on 2015-03-01 00:53:55

It’s the official opening day for “Maku ga Agaru” ☆

I’m so glad
to be able to welcome such a day 😭❤️

Last summer, the director, all us members,
the staff, and everyone from the cast
put all our hearts into
making this movie.

An idol movie.
But not an idol movie.

I wish everyone will get to watch it.
Not only the fans,
but people who’ve never heard about us before too

To remember youth,
to feel youth…
I’ll be happy if you can
make your way down to the cinema (*^^*)

From today on,
the curtains have really risen!

We got to see Kuroki-san and Shiga-san,
whom we’ve not seen in a while,
at the opening day meet-and-greet today!

on winning the Best Supporting Actress Award
at the Japan Academy Awards! ❤️

I heard that Shiga-san went to the cinema today
to watch the movie…

I’m so glad to get the chance
to meet all the really wonderful cast members,
the director, and all the staff too~

Now that the movie is out,
I’m looking forward to meeting
all our wonderful fans
through the big screen! ✨