Posted on 2015-03-01 01:55:25

Today was the opening day!
For Maku ga Agaru!

The long-awaited opening day.
Now, lots of people will get to watch the movie, which will help it to grow and evolve. I hope to grow myself too, by listening to all the comments about our acting!

And then, most importantly, I hope this movie will leave its mark in everyone’s hearts!

We attended a meet-and-greet session at Shinjuku Battle 9, together with Director Motohiro, Shiga-san, Kuroki-san and Hirata-san!
And Shiga-san’s wall banging story came out too…

Shiga-san had the honor!
Of being Takagi’s first ever wall bang!!!!


Let’s make this a great movie!

The photo is of us eating a frozen treat
as a reward from Jakushou Drama Club!

Of course, I had the growling raspberry!
It was delicious!

And then, Osaretai went for a radio recording after the meet-and-greet, then everyone went out for sushi after that!
I told you it was an auspicious day!

So happy to receive everyone’s blessings!