Posted on 2015-03-22 21:08:42

Today was Onnagawa’s Recovery Festival!
It’s been a while, Onnagawa—! ( ^ω^ )
Has it really been 1 year since our last concert there?

The girls at Saigai FM seem to have grown into adults, and the children have grown up too!!

The adult friends are… Yep! Still adults! (laugh)

But—! Everyone was just so friendly and energetic!
Trains have started running, the hot springs are open, and roads are completed too (^_^)v (victory)
Every time we visit, lots of things are done!
It’s really so awesome.

Director Takamasa of the fishcake factory, who always takes care of us!
Performed an energetic and wonderful rap for us! (laugh)
Of course, aside from fishcake, the scallops and beef tongue were delicious too~
Then, the family of one of the Onnagawa Saigai FM girls, who runs an eatery, prepared fried chicken for us too! So full of love! It was really delicious ( ^ω^ )
I’ll try the Onnagawa rice bowl next time! Maybe Konbumaki too!
But I was thinking. Having delicious ingredients is one thing, but no matter the dish, the people of Onnagawa make it with love and one wish, to “let lots of people eat it and be happy”. And that makes us want to try it again.
The town, the scenery, the mood, everything is that way. Everyone’s personalities too.
So I want to visit again. I really love the place from the bottom of my heart.

Even during the concert, everyone’s faces were sparkling so brightly!
The locals and non-locals alike.
All our feelings were as one!
The locals work hard to let everyone enjoy coming to Onnagawa, while the non-locals enjoy themselves as much as they can and fall in love with the place. And during the concert, both groups become one and enjoy our concert together.

Wow, that just makes me so happy, and gives me so much energy!
I wanted to bring energy to everyone, but I received much more in return! That’s what I always think when I visit.
Thank you so much.

Somehow, Kasou dystopia is a song that I’ll always feel like singing when I visit Onnagawa.

Creating machines from rubble.
A heart that travels straight to you.
Delivering my feelings, a wonderful device.
Even when we’re apaprt, we’re always allies.

This is my favorite lyric. It somehow soothes my heart.
I don’t know why, but I really want to deliver these lyrics. So I’m glad I managed to do so today!
We also sang Seishunfu together with all our Onnagawa friends on stage during the encore.
Everyone had been practising so hard for this.
And they sang with such loud voices!
Everyone’s voices just made my feelings clench hard again.
Because their beautiful eyes delivered the song straight, without them even realizing it.
It made me think about why we’re here, what we want to deliver, and why we’re singing.
Because we want to reach out, right?
There’s still so much we want to deliver to everyone, so I decided to work hard (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)
There’s still so much we can do, so I’ll do my best!
So first, let’s become BFF! Ok?!
Oh, it means Best Friend Forever. (laugh)
P-R-O-M-I-S-E! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)
Everyone, thank you so so much!
Looking forward to our next meeting!
Wait for us ♪(´ε` )