Posted on 2015-03-21 19:43:47

We were invited to take part
in KISS! Japan Tour
at Tokyo Dome! ✨

Firstly, I’m so grateful
for this really miraculous wonderful meeting.

Is this what they call
being in a dream?!

I’m really so proud
to do a collaboration
with KISS-san like this.

Every time we meet, their wonderful smiles
and kindness that embraces us
slowly pull me towards them.

I’ve written about it before,
but they’re wonderful people
I’d love to meet again really soon.

We’ve promised to meet again soon,
and I’ll look forward to that day (laugh)

Thank you so much
for the truly best time! ❤ ️

and Mononofu
who came down to Tokyo Dome,
thank you!

And then, after the concert,
I received a present
I’ve never even imagined…!

It’s my life’s treasure.
Thank you verrrrrrry much ❤ ️


I’ve done it again…

A blog entry I’ve saved somewhere
But I’ve finally posted it up!
Please forgive me~ (>_<) (laugh)