Posted on 2015-03-18 23:42:23

For the first time today in the past ten years, Mama offered to blow-dry my hair for me. It was nice of her, but she did it too near my ears so it was really hot, and my glasses were all fogged up too, it was hilarious! (lol)

Papa was busy sketching on his phone too, it was just a happy Takagi family scene!

And then, there was a student-limited campaign at AEON Mall today!
Just present your student pass when shopping to earn points, and win a trip to Okinawa, as well as specially-made Takagi banners. There’s really so much fun at Ion!
All students!
Don’t miss out!
I’m no longer a student, so I can only envy you guys!
But I’ll get everyone’s spirits high with all my might—! Please support me!

So, see you later!