Posted on 2015-03-06 09:30:14

It’s truly impossible to guess
what kind of things can happen during live broadcasts~ (laugh)

The only thing I’ll say
is that I’m raelly so grateful to be able to take up that challege! (;_;)

Though most of what Kikuko said
was really absurd (laugh),
but I’m glad I did it,

And thanks to that, I gained lots of experience,
and learned some things.

My switch has been flipped
and now I want to strive on harder! (laugh)

Please continue to let me grow!
Kikuko-chan! 😉

So thankful to everyone
for singing together with me! (;_;)

And, Aarin!
You are the protagonist (laugh)

Momoclo’s last high schooler!
Congrats on your graduation ^ ^ ❤ ️

There was so much pressure… (laugh)
But you are so cute (*^^*)

Our guest, Kikuchi Momoko-san,

Was really a wonderful person,
and I’m really happy to sing
“Shibuya de goji” together with her!

This may sound rude,
but she’s really so cute,
just like an idol~ It was so touching!

Thank you! 😊