On 27 March, the 「ZIP-FM RADIO KICK presents Hamasaki Ayumi SPECIAL TALK LIVE in Oasis21」 will be held on a special stage erected at Nagoya Oasis21. Here are instructions on how to get reserved area tickets.


◆About the viewing session

– The viewing session is free of charge.
– Tickets will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis for entrance to the reserved area.


◆How to get tickets

– Those who purchase a copy of Hamasaki Ayumi’s New Album 『Party Queen』 at the venue will receive a reserved area entrance ticket.


◆CD Sales

– The CD sales will begin at 12:00PM on the day itself, at the sales booth erected at the venue.

※ Only cash will be accepted for CD sales.
※ Each purchased item will receive one reserved area entrance ticket.
※ Each person can only receive up to 3 tickets at one time.
※ For those who wish to obtain more tickets, please join the queue once again.


◎Selected Items

Hamasaki Ayumi’s 『Party Queen』, released 21/3/2012
【AL+DVD+DVD】AVCD-38511 ¥7,350 (tax in)
【AL+DVD】AVCD-38512 ¥3,990 (tax in)
【AL】AVCD-38513 ¥3,150 (tax in)



– The reserved area entrance tickets are limited in quantity. Note that the tickets have a high chance of being sold out.
– CD sales will continue until 17:00, but the viewing event will end before that.
– The reserved area entrance tickets will not be given out in sequence. Tickets will be picked out from a lucky draw box.
– Each ticket admits one person into the reserved area.
– No replacements will be provided for lost/stolen tickets.
– Ticket holders need to gather and queue up before entering the reserved area. Latecomers will lose their position in the line sequence, and will be the last to enter the reserved area.
– Ticket holders need to gather at the venue at 15:00. They will be admitted into the reserved area from 15:30 onwards. Timings may change on the day itself.
– It is possible to watch the event even without a ticket, but note that the number of viewers in the venue may be restricted for safety reasons.
– Those who do not observe proper rules and etiquette may be asked to leave the viewing area.
– The event may be cancelled on the day itself. Note that purchased items are not refundable even if the event is cancelled.
– Refunds/exchanges will only be made if the purchased item is damaged.