tsuchan1002111: @AIKO_esNAIL Ai-san, did you go to see ayu-chan’s photo exhibition at Omotesando? (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
AIKO_esNAIL: Yes! I went out with ayu-san after the photoshoot! I want to go to the exhibition again and again (•ॢ◡-ॢ)
ayu_19980408: You really need to showcase those nails you did for that photobook shoot! It’s full of dreams and hope ☆

ayu_19980408: I’ll go to sleep reading this COLORS OF HOPE I received today. Leslie & Anteprima-san, I thank you from my heart for letting me take part in this wonderful work ♡

lesliekeesuper: Urgent announcement! There’ll be an autograph session at the 「Colors of Hope」 photo exhibition today afternoon from 4-5pm at Omotesando Hills! We’ll be waiting for everyone on this cold Saturday in Tokyo! By the way, this exhibition will last until 13 March (Tues)!
ayu_19980408: RT

AIKO_esNAIL: I want an autograph! (lol) I’m in Osaka, but I’ll send my assistant!
zakinko_esNAIL: I’m up for it!!
ayu_19980408: Leslie, Ai-chan’s assistant Zaki-chan will be going, please take care of her ♡

ayu_19980408: Rest timeee!!! We’re in another cold period this morning. So, I’ll use this time to upload some love-filled shots of yesterday’s exhibition, sent to me by Ryan ☆

ayu_19980408: Members of Team Leslie waiting at the entrance!!! I didn’t have time to stay and chat, but Taku and Motoki, let’s meet up again before you leave Tokyo ☻

ayu_19980408: All the energetic people who came to see the exhibition, and the one who seems like my new lover (laugh) Timmy-ko. ←

ayu_19980408: It was a really AMAZING exhibition (*☻-☻*)

ayu_19980408: The spaces created by Leslie are like power spots (*☻-☻*)

ayu_19980408: Got a little nervous when I saw this super awesome lady ♡ Anteprima Creative Director Ogino-san, Leslie and I (*☻-☻*)

ayu_19980408: Jonte and Timmy-ko got along well. Giggle, but that’s a given ☻

ayu_19980408: I think this was the very first book that was created!!! An hierloom (*☻-☻*)

ayu_19980408: Ouyang Feifei-san was soooooooooo cool (*☻-☻*)

ayu_19980408: With Leslie at the elevator as we were leaving (*☻-☻*)

ayu_19980408: Needless to say, it was raining outside and everyone was LOL-ing. Sorry, Leslie ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3

ayu_19980408: Sorry for spamming tweets m(_ _)m I wish for everyone’s future to be overflowing with colorful hope. Leslie and I have plans to travel together to bring this exhibition to other countries for everyone to see. It’ll be in Japan’s Omotesando Hills until 13 March. Leslie n Ryan, Love u 4ever♡

ayu_19980408: TA is updated.

nikumoyashi: Prayer for recovery light-up 11/3
ayu_19980408: RT