Posted on 2014-11-25 22:53:52

It’s been so long since Osaka Jou Hall, and Onna Matsuri
so both gave me so many emotions (*’-’*)

But seriously, the girls-only space
was surrounded by magical brilliance and cuteness ♪

Lots of hearts were flying around ♡♪

And lastly, stars had also fallen upon us ☆★

I wonder if the boys saw the LV too~?

Girls’ cuteness was on full display during this production by Yumi-sensei

And the dancers were really cool too

My heart was just racing and numb at the same time

It was a wonderful 2.5 hours (*^^*)

Ah! Weren’t our outfits cute?
We managed to go around the venue
and come so close to everyone!
It was the best! (*>∀<*)

Lots of people were cosplaying, it was as awesome as always— ☆
We could clearly see all your costumes (*・Θ-*)

The stylist said she didn’t want me
to look like the usual Momoka style (lol)
So matching with the outfit, she changed my hairstyle and everything
We had lots of fun (*^Θ^*)

Did all the girls and boys at the LV venues watch the show too—?

Here are some photos
for all the Mononofu around Japan who couldn’t make it—
I hope this delivers at least a bit of the show to you… .:*:゜☆

For Folk Village this week,
we’re focusing on unforgettable music

Then, Momokuri is in 1 month’s time

Ah~ The year has passed by so quickly
I’m really thankful
to have spent it together with everyone (*’-’).:*:゜☆

Thank you (*^^*)

Ah! Here’s a secret story ♪

This photo
was taken by Kanako’s younger brother
Isn’t it a NICE SHOT?

During the show,
everyone was decorated with stars in their colour
I was barely tall enough (laugh)

This photo shows that moment ★