Posted on 2014-01-25 02:08:51

Good morning-sun-sun ☆
This is Taka-san-san ☆

Takagi is currently obsessed with shelling peanuts.
While on the move, I had a karaoke session with the make-up staff and we got so high, even the toll booth staff got pulled into our antics (laugh)

Even so, Takagi
can be serious when she needs to show support for someone!
Yes! Maa-kun!
Sekai no Maa-kun!

Maa-kun has always been saying
“Sekai no Momoclo No.1” as a Mononofu, but this time, it’s our turn to shout it to him!!

Let’s do it
Sekai no Maa-kun No.1!

No matter where we are, we’ll be supporting Maa-kun!
Have fun at NY (^_^)


1. Maa-kun is the nickname for baseball player Tanaka Masahiro, a professional baseball starting pitcher and a fan of Momoclo. He had recently been signed on to the New York Yankees.