Posted on 2014-01-25 02:15:18

on entering the New York Yankees!

I was really so happy when I heard the news.
And when asked “What will you bring to the USA?”,
he actually said “my Momoclo DVDs”,
I really jumped up when I saw that news (laugh)

He’s truly a Mononofu!
I’m so happy (*^^*)

Maa-kun is slowly making his dreams come true
He’s so cool.

you have always been supporting us,
and it’ll be great if we can go to the USA to support you too~!

Looking forward to seeing you accomplish great things
and become the world’s No.1! (*^^*)



1. Maa-kun is the nickname for baseball player Tanaka Masahiro, a professional baseball starting pitcher and a fan of Momoclo. He had recently been signed on to the New York Yankees.