Posted on 2015-02-16 22:25:02

Today is the start of my solo pilgrimage—!

Hyoito hyoito hyo-hyoito

(^ ^)

The mayor at Sabae city
actually attended the meet-and-greet session as a special guest, together with his cool sunglasses!

The staff gave me a warm welcome, and lots of Nofu came to the airport to meet me too!

I also met lots of Mononofu at Kanazawa,
Hokuriku really is the best!
It’s a place I’ll definitely come back to visit once the bullet train line opens on 14 March \(^o^)/

It was really a blessing to meet everyone, and I’m so glad everyone watched “Maku ga Agaru” together ❤ ❤

Tomorrow is my last day at Hokuriku, in Fukui! Let’s get crazy!

Everyone, thank you so much for today!