Posted on 2015-02-16 22:35:31

Yaaay (*∩ω∩) Snow snow snow ♪

It’s piled up taller than me— (* *)

Wow… The locals here
must have such a hard time shoveling all that snow
But they must be happy to have it ^^;

Oh! The first thing when I reached was lunch ♪
I had delicious ☆ seafood rice bowl~

And then, the slightly sour
but delicious apple juice
that I’ll always drink when I come to Aomori

At night, I had a sushi platter ♪♪♪
I’m just so totally stuffed de-ariyan (^m^)

Aomori’s apples are a sure hit!!

Here’s the special Momoclo logo apple
that the farmers in Aomori had been working on since last spring ☆

Everyone was holding apples,
so we took a photo together with all the apples— ^ ^

Thanks to everyone in the rice fields— (*^Θ^*)

At first, I was so nervous about hosting a meet-and-greet session alone,
but because everyone was so warm and welcoming,
it was so much fun and I felt really encouraged (*>∀<*)

From now on, I’ll continue
to work hard with everyone to create an enjoyable atmosphere
in the cinema together de-ariyasu (*`・Θ・´*)

Thanks to everyone who sent me their cheers from all over the nation too (*^^*)

Tomorrow is Iwate and Akita!
Everyone in Tohoku— Wait for me— (*・Θ-*)

Also, Aarin was missing
from my last blog post’s photos,
so I’ve uploaded off-shots of the two of us, taken during the movie filming— ♪

Aarinyasu de-ariyasu~