Posted on 2015-02-16 00:19:09

I spotted this blackboard drawing during the filming for “Maku ga Agaru”!
Is that me? (laugh)
I thought someone had drawn it for fun, so I went back to check again after the filming,
and it was still there!
After that, the staff told me that Kuroki-san had drawn it during the filming!!
Ehh—?! Kuroki-san?!
So I assume it was a drawing Kuroki-san made of me? (laugh)
That’s just my guess,
the truth is still a mystery…
But I just took a photo with it anyway! (laugh)

(It’ll be really embarrassing if I’m mistaken. (laugh))

Talking about this makes me miss Yoshioka-sensei—!

Oh, and Mizonokuchi-sensei too…! (laugh)