Posted on 2014-01-21 00:26:06

Good evening-!!
The programme I watched yesterday wasn’t “Momoclo’s footsteps in 2014”
but “Momoclo’s miracle in 2013” (lol)

Sasaki Atsunorin-san, so sorry. (laugh)

And then, I didn’t know that so many people were suffered from the Momoclo disease. (laugh)

I was just grinning to myself while reading all the comments. I must have looked weird. (laugh)

And then, the 5 of us chatted lots (lol)

About how we always see the word “monochrome” as “Momoclo”…
And how we label everyone who wears the Momoclo colours
as a Mononofu! Regardless of whether they were or not…

Yes, sorry. We’re all just excessively self-conscious. (laugh)

Alright. We performed at Yoyogi Gymnasium on Sunday for the anime Kouhaku Utagassen-!!!

Aarin robot was suffering from a breakdown,
so she could only sing 

We also did a live collab with Tachiki-san, who performed the live version of Z Densetsu’s narration for us-!!!!

In short! We were so touched (*゜-゜)

Tachiki-san has always helped us in terms of providing narrations for our concerts, but this was the first time he did it live, and I had goosebumps the moment I heard his voice!!

Like “Whoa! This is the real deal-!” (。・・。)

And then, we also got to do a collab with Sphere-san-!!! (*゜▽゜*)

We called ourselves~ ♪
Momoiro Sphere!!

We sang Maji 1000% together… It was so much fun (^^)/

I wanna do it agaaaaaaaaain!!!

The next Momoiro Sphere will include Aarin too (*´∀`)
So Nippon Broadcasting-san, please! (laugh)

Ah, hey, Sasaki-san!
If Aarin can’t dance, she’s just a hamburger! (laugh)

So hurry and get well- (´∀`)

Burger burger~ Hamburger ♪