Posted on 2014-01-20 02:39:57

We got to perform at the anime Kouhaku Utagassen today- (^ ^)
It was so much fun-! So much fun that Taka-san got up to such horrid pranks backstage ♪ (laugh)
Lots of staff members were shocked by this face! (laugh)
And today, we performed Z Densetsu for the first time with Tachiki-san! The live version was truly awesome-!
But that performance was for the white team!

For the red team, we performed as Momoiro Clover Z!
As it was the anime Kouhaku, we sang our anime tie-up songs!
However, as Aarin was recuperating from her leg injury, she appeared as Aarin robot (radio version) instead!
She couldn’t dance, but the fact that all 5 of us were together on stage made me really happy (^ ^)
Everyone, please slowly look forward to Aarin’s revival!

And then, we had a collab with Sphere-san as Momoiro Sphere!
We performed Maji LOVE1000% (^ ^)
It was really so much fun!!
The choreography had the Z pose and the Sphere pose in it, and when Aarin has revived, we’ll come back together as a team of 9!
But Aarin, oh, no!
Clara managed to stand!
Thank you to everyone who came to watch the anime Kouhaku!


1. Aarin was cosplaying as Clara Sesemann from the anime Heidi, Girl of the Alps. Clara is thought to be an invalid and gets around in a wheelchair. At the end of the story, she manages to learn how to walk again.