Posted on 2014-01-12 23:46:18

Hello hello, this is Takagi-!

We had the Pepsi live yesterday-!
Health live, health live

The Pepsi robot appeared right at the beginning, and Taka-san’s “chugging an entire drink in one breath” made an appearance again-!

And then, the theme for this live is “Take up the load of health, wake up your sleeping body!”, so the setlist went all-out as well!

We actually did Chai Maxx 4 times! (laugh)
One of it was a high-speed Chai Maxx too, it was such a special live-!
And that’s not all, we even did a relay during the song!
Taka-san’s high-speed twirling bat was awesome, right? (laugh)

It was a live which everyone dashed through together (cries)
It was so touching (cries)
Takagi’s body and heart escaped the Tokyo desert and successfully turned into Tottori sand dunes (^-^)

How about everyone-?
Please continue to support healthy Pepsi cola in the future!
Thank you, everyone!