Posted on 2014-01-07 00:23:29

Taka-san has been smiling so much yesterday that her face feels out of shape today! (laugh)

Yesterday, I went to meet up with an old friend!
We went to this grilled meat restaurant owned by my friend’s acquiantance, and we chatted lots with the staff and the restaurant chief. We had so much laughs and ate lots, and had a really happy time!
Connecting with people is just so important, and it gives me power (^-^)
Then, we went for karaoke, where we sang and danced and laughed, it was such a scene!
We had so much fun, so I was really reluctant to say goodbye, but I’m glad to know that the time spent apart didn’t spoil our friendship one bit (^-^)
So I will really treasure this once-in-a-lifetime outing!

I went to the Enoshima Shrine today, and just reached home (^-^)
I finally had the chance to do my shrine visit!
And I also met lots of people!
And we laughed together so much!
And my fortune for this year is “great blessings”!!

I was so happy as I walked along the road that I crashed into a utility pole! (laugh)
It was so painful and I was so embarrassed. I could only laugh at myself! (laugh)

In short, today was filled with laughter! (laugh)

I hope to spend tomorrow in smiles too!


1. Drawing fortune or Omikuji is done at a Japanese shrine. More details [here].