These photos were taken when we went to that farm for filming for Momoclo-chan!

We’re the older girls’ team! (。-∀-)

It’s a video full of adult charm, so look forward to it. (lol)

There were just so many things at that farm!

We got to pet all the animals there,
carve radishes, harvest all kinds of seasonal vegetables, and there was even putting and blowdart guns!

It was my first time putting,
but I was relatively awesome. (lol)

It was super interesting! 
I’d love to play it again (*゜▽゜*)

But when I practiced my swing in front of our vocal training teacher, who is great at golf, today,
he got so angry and kept saying my form was all wrong-. (laugh)

But I’m not discouraged, and I’ll ask him to teach me tomorrow-! (。-∀-)