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Here’s a photo of tasuku, for no reason (laugh). tasuku is Ayu’s nice arranger, who somehow somehow manages to make the princess’ ideal sound. Yo! Thank you for everything-. Please support us–


This was during production too. They’re incorporating the vocals now. This job needs amazing concentration and precise timing. Mr. Kumasaka!!


This was Panasonic’s press meeting. This Gucci sheepskin coat was shipped to me just in time. I was shocked to receive it


Congrats! 23rd B.D!! Well, I was shocked when Tou-chan appeared with a huge cake suddenly. I was so happy I did this peace sign. However, I totally broke down later. No, it wasn’t just me… Everyone, everyone, thank you~ *kiss*


The parka I wore that day is from “MESSAGE”. Unaffected by sudden events, they managed to make it as per the princess’ request, so so thankful!! “MESSAGE” is great. I recommend it to girls who like casual-style clothes.


That’s right, I did lots of radio appearances this month too. I got to meet Shuu-san (on the right in the photo!), and Yama-chan too. So glad that I could meet up with lots of people again. By the way, doesn’t Ayu look like Shuu-san in this photo?!!


This was backstage at the Panasonic event. As expected, the princess fell asleep once on the sofa. CHIKA-san and assistant Macchi were playing pranks on me. Look closely to see Bancho desperately doing my nails despite their antics. Sorry…