AYU’s Message

Happy New Year!! Yeah!!
Congrats to year 2002!!
Wow, such a celebration…
Oh, no. It’ll be too late by the time this issue comes out. Why? Because I’m writing the draft for this issue now in December.
“I hope everyone can safely welcome the new year–”
I live through my days imagining myself saying this to everyone. I guess you can call this a form of escape from reality. But I don’t care!!!!
I hope that everyone can read ViVi’s New Year issue with a smile on their faces… Alright, let me return to reality.
The year 2002 will be simple. Natural. I want to face up to myself. Pray for peace of mind.
By the way, the New album is complete!!!!!!!
The title is “I am…” Kuuu~, so happy.


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Photo Comments

Photo number Captions


A new face, Kuro-chan!! Please support him. (ViVi readers will know him.) He’s having a showdown with KOJI-kun.


During production. I was totally without make-up, so I can’t show my face to you. Sorry.


A final group photo after the jacket shoot for new album “I am…”!!!! Hmm?!! Some people seem to be missing… Oh well. We’re so cool—!!


As requested, from Chapter 1 of 2001. The costume I wore when singing evolution. Everyone stuck all the rhinestones on for me. Thank you. (cries)


Taken during the new “Panasonic” CM. By the way, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pronounce it as “Panachonic!!”…


My hunky manager Kou-chan. He himself admits that he’s a hunk, which is irritating. By the way, he’s totally an airhead.


We got the Nail Queen award. Version 2!! (bows!) Thank you, Bancho– *kiss*


Look! It’s Ayu santa!! He—–y!! (*Bancho had to wear this costume too. You alright?!!)


If she can, the princess will put on her knit cap, muffler and gloves, looking like a gangster chick. Everyone around the house teases me and asks “Are you a boxer?!” Why? Can’t everyone ask “Are you alright?!!!” instead?


Nailart during the Nail Queen Awards. *blush~* You’ve done it now, Kanako. Well done. *sparkles*


The original hunk manager Non-chan. He’s a rubik’s cube instructor. Go to him if you want to become an expert.


Ayu & Max Matsuura obsessed with rubik’s cubes now. Is this the start of another trend?!!