Oh dear, how unfortunate. I almost wanted to crush you to death, but
Being like this is bad. I want to dice you into 5mm cubes. Ah, all in pieces

Eyes and nose and ears, yes, mixing it up into a mess as fish bait
Then, I’ll catch that fish, and use the same knife to fillet it into 3 pieces

Too late, the head droops and revolves, rolling and changing like the huge heart which I do not possess right now

The greatest existence is the smallest moral value, overestimated, a naive woman’s jealousy, a robot’s pet
imagination fashion masquerade fantasy
The latest problem is the very first direction, good conduct, rectified treatment, definitely OK, wait, that was just nonsense, I seem to be repulsive

Oh my, so weak. This place is thoroughly overcooked, boiled and stewed
Tasting bad like this, the taste of rubbish that makes me want to lose my temper

Arms and legs and mouths, speckled in all directions in flowerpots
Putrefying, decomposing, dead but photosynthesizing, you say satellite, home planet, reason, planets flying in inertia

Now, I’ll leave just the head, cutting it off as I cackle in song
This rotten brain juice, shall I hollow it out too?

The most beloved proof is the struggle of command, performance of lies and doctrines of offences, rocket jet
communication session matchless delusion
The boundary’s confrontation is a reborn supernova, neutron star, Mars really has soil and surely breathable air
Searching, taxis, time machines too

Then hide
The world is your brain. Just a little bit to show me
(you life my life always around)
The blood and tears of your to me and I challenge and Die splendid you Die Beginning of the life

feelings of broken i’m die

The best method is the emptiness of crime charges, it’s God’s fault, always empty, alive or dead
Destruction Creation escape meditation
The main remedy is the newest spirituality, amending jeers, who’s the teacher, just the shape and I’d rather be buried, brain juice, already unpredecented, almost broken

The Theory of Relativity, destruction of misinformation, delicate Seven Wonders, authentic, deliberate, a new political party, equality, inferiority, conflict
Cackling reason and foolery, oh dear, what a dreadful GOD
I so love in you, looking at the sky by your side, always, gently, I think that’s quite right
i’m hate math ♂ ♀ Death



Araara maa komatta karoujite oshi koroshita tsumori deshita ga
Yabai yo kono mama ja gomiri kaku ni kiri totte shimaisou aa barabara sa subete

Me mo hana mo mimi datte sou guchagucha ni konette sakana no esa da
Soshite sono sakana tsutte onaji naifu tsukatte sanmai ni orosou

Imasara koube tare no ta uchi marareta tte korokoro kawaru you na koudai na kokoro mo kono goro mochi awasete inain desu

Saidai no sonzai wa saishou no kachikan kai kaburi sugi burikko no shitto robotto no petto
imagination fasshon kasou kuusou
Saikin no mondai wa saishou no kouhousei hinkou housei zesei shochi mochi okkei matte yappa ima no nashi na hanashi watashi iyarashii rashii

Yareyare mou yowatta koko no tokoro tokoton kotokoto nikomi sugite
Mazui yo kono mama ja gomi mikaku ikiri tatte shimaisou

Ude mo ashi mo kuchi datte shihou happou ni buchitte uekibachi no ue
Fuhai furan shi kougousei you say eisei bosei risei wakusei kansei hikou

Imakara toubu dake nokoru you ni sa kiri totte karakara kanaderu you ni
Sono kusari kitta nou miso mo eguri totte agemashou ka

Saiai no shoumei wa saihai no soudatsusen shosa kyogen shugi kamatte no zaijou roketto no jetto
communication sesshon musou mousou
Saigai no soutai wa saisei no choushinsei chuusei shisei kasei maji tochi motteru tte kitto iki sou kuuki
Sagashi takushii taimu mashiin rashii

Jaa kakushite
The world is your brain. Just a little bit to show me
(you life my life always around)
The blood and tears of your to me and I nandai and Die soudai you Die Beginning of the life

feelings of broken i’m die

Sairyou no houhou wa zaimei no kyomukan kamisama no sei karappo mou zutto alive ka dead
Destruction Creation tousou meisou
Taigai no ryouhou wa saishin no seishinsei basei teisei sensei dare sore kakko bakka isso dosou maisou nou miso mou mizou koware

Soutai seiriron metsubou no gohou bimyou na nana fushigi shingi shingi shinseitou taitou rettou kattou
Kerakera na wake tawake ara sou taihen na GOD
I so love in you sora miru soba ni iru zutto sotto gomottomo to omotte orimasu
i’m hate math osu mesu Death



あらあらまあ困った かろうじて押し殺したつもりでしたが
やばいよこのままじゃ 5mm角に切り取ってしまいそう ああ バラバラさ 全て

目も鼻も耳だって そうぐちゃぐちゃに捏ねって魚の餌だ
そしてその魚釣って 同じナイフ使って三枚に下ろそう


imagination ファッション 仮装 空想
最近の問題は最初の方向性 品行方正 是正処置 もちおっけー まってー やっぱ今の無しな話 私 嫌らしい らしい

やれやれもう弱った ここの所とことんコトコト煮込みすぎて
不味いよこのままじゃ ゴミ味覚いきり立ってしまいそう

腕も足も口だって 四方八方にブチって植木鉢の上
腐敗腐乱死 光合成 you say 衛星 母星 理性 惑星慣性飛行


最愛の証明は采配の争奪戦 所作 虚言主義かまっての罪状 ロケットのジェット
communication セッション 無双 妄想
際涯の相対は再生の超新星 中性子星 火星まじ 土地持ってるって きっと息そう空気
探し タクシー タイムマシーン らしい

The world is your brain. Just a little bit to show me
(you life my life always around)
The blood and tears of your to me and I 難題 and Die 壮大 you Die Beginning of the life

feelings of broken i’m die

最良の方法は罪名の虚無感神様のせい からっぽもうずっと aliveかdead
Destruction Creation 逃走 瞑想
大概の療法は最新の精神性 罵声 訂正 先生だれ それかっこばっか いっそ土葬埋葬 脳味噌 もう未曾有  壊れ

相対性理論 滅亡の誤報 微妙な七不思議 真偽 審議 新政党 対等 劣等 葛藤
ケラケラな訳戯け あらそう大変なGOD
I so love in you 空見る 傍にいる ずっと そっと ごもっともと 思っております
i’m hate math ♂ ♀ Death