Posted on 2015-02-24 23:39:18

Just one more week
to the release of “Maku ga Agaru”~!

My nationwide pilgrimage stopped at Chiba Prefecture today!

TOHO Cinemas Ichihara
T.JOY Soga
TOHO Cinemas LaLaport Funabashi
Cinema Ikspiari

4 locations!

Thank you
to everyone who came~ ♡

Everyone was so hyped up
at all the venues ☆

And at Soga, a 4 year old boy
did an acrobatic dance before the show.

I was totally in love!
Thank you for helping out
with my solo meet-and-greet \( ˆoˆ )/

And thanks to everyone
who helped me along too!

I guess I’m slightly more used
to solo meet-and-greets now?

But meet-and-greets exist
to let everyone enjoy the movie.
No matter how many times I have to do it,
I’ll be happy as long as lots of people can enjoy it 😌💓

Oh, I received a
Baumkuchen cake today.
It’s so cute with my face on it ❤ ️
Thank you!

I’ll upload photos of Iro-tan
next time~