Posted on 2015-02-25 01:03:51

I did my 2nd round of solo meet-and-greets today—!
In Chiba!

For this 2nd round, Director Yakumo aka Ya-kun, who always follows me around with the camera, has gone overseas on an assignment, so I had to do the filming by myself…
Ahh damn! This is stupid! I called him to complain but he just laughed at me uncaringly—
But! The Mononofu really helped me out!
Thanks for that!

First, I started at Nagareyama!
Then Yachiyo and Ichikawa!
We went all over Chiba!
I ate Funasshii’s cookies and nut biscuits!
Distinctly Chiba!

I received lots of energy at the various venues today too!
Truly grateful! Thank you \(^o^)/

During this nationwide pilgrimage, the Mononofu really helped us out so much, and I look forward to every day and work hard because of them. But I’m also really grateful to all the cinema staff who welcomed us so warmly!

Thank you so much!

And then, I had a touching encounter too!
I just receieved so much help.
I’ll always treasure that encounter!
Today was a truly fulfilling day
full of the best support.

Everyone, thank you.