Posted on 2015-02-13 22:58:30

Yesterday, we did Gekkan TAKAHASHI at Nagoya!!

And today, we had meet-and-greet sessions in Nagoya and Osaka (`・ω・´)

Thanks to everyone who came ❤

Aarin really sweated so much during TAKAHASHI (・A・)💦

What was that? (laugh)

What was wrong with her? (laugh)

She just couldn’t stop sweating. (laugh)

Even though she really wanted to. (laugh)

It was as if water had been poured over her head. (laugh)

The volume of sweat produced that day far surpassed any other concert she’d done in the past. (laugh)

She wanted the staff to create some time during the talk session for her to change T-shirts. (laugh)

Honestly!! (laugh)

She could see everyone’s faces so clearly at such a close distance,
and hear everyone’s voices and cheers so well

But she was sweating so much, it was really embarrassing. (laugh)

Oh well, at least everyone else was sweating too,
and Aarin felt relieved that she wasn’t the only one ( ˆoˆ )/

But the atmosphere at the Live House is really amazing ⤴⤴

The tension level was at MAX till the very end (laugh)

Next month’s TAKAHASHI will be in Tokyo!!

Wait for us, Tokyo!!

So so, and from today on,
we’ll be embarking on a nationwide pilgrimage of meet-and-greet sessions for “Maku ga Agaru”!!!

Aarin was glad to get the chance
to chat with everyone and share in their thoughts after watching the movie together! 🙌

It sort of feels like she’d been waiting for this for a long time!

It was really fun to be able to discuss details about each particular scene! (。-∀-)

Just sharing about backstage stories made all the memories come back!

And she’s really looking forward to meeting everyone from all over the country—! 💓

And then and then!
Accompanying her on this journey is manga “O~i! Ryouma”

There’s a total of 12 volumes!
And she plans to read them all during this nationwide pilgrimage (。-∀-)

What will she look like after the entire ordeal…? We’ll see someday!
Look forward to that—!

And if she can,
she’ll try to squeeze in some discussions about the manga during the meet-and-greet sessions! (laugh)

Hail, Lady Aarin! ( ̄- ̄)ゞ

…Maybe. (laugh)

Sasaki Ayaka