Posted on 2015-02-14 01:13:04

3 raging days of events have successfully ended,
and today is finally the start
of the nationwide pilgrimage of meet-and-greet sessions for “Maku ga Agaru”!!

Oh! Before that, thank you~
To everyone who took part in all the events (*^Θ^*)

On all 3 days,
the events allowed us to get so close
to all the Mononofu ♪

And it feels like such a long time since the last time we met— (*>∀<*)

Through the 3 days,
Ariyasi still feels like she hasn’t talked enough

But I did my best to deliver to even the audience furthest away
through my singing and dancing— (*^0^*)

Did it reach you?? My power ☆☆☆

By the way, Mama, who went for the Live Viewing of TAKAHASHI, told me about this!!

Everyone in the cinema was standing the entire time, waving the penlights with all their might,
dancing and cheering along.
It felt as if she was at the live venue herself, and she was really shocked ☆

I guess that’s the power of LV,
helping us to reach out to everyone all over the country— (*’-’*)

And I feel deep gratitude for that .:*:゜☆

And then and then, to the people who couldn’t make it

Osaretai’s All Night Nippon R
will be aired on 14 March from 3 a.m.~

While the Valentine’s Event
will be aired on 1 and 8 March on Momoclo Club XOXO

So please please check it out (*・Θ-*)

And so,
the meet-and-greet sessions have finally begun today ☆

Nagoya → Osaka ♪

How did everyone feel, watching the movie before its official release date??

Oh! Please be careful not to write any spoilers in your comments (*^m^*)

So~ Tomorrow
will be the sessions at Odaiba~ then Makuhari ♪

And then~ We’ll be flying all over the country
So everyone, please look forward to meeting us! (*^Θ^*)

Oh! Throughout this pilgrimage~
I hope to store these memories as precious photos
of all the Mononofu’s smiles I’ll see during the journey,
in the form of normal shots with all of us together—! (*>∀<*)

And these photos of everyone
will turn up again someday in some form,
so look forward to that too (*・Θ-*)
And so, for today,
I’ll specially upload the commemorative horrible 1st shot de-ariyasu (* ̄ー ̄*)

Oh! It’ll be 14 Feb tomorrow…

It’s a shame
that I’ll be too busy this year to make anything

But everyone, take this~~~ ☆

My heart ト(((*・ω・(ε・* ))) *kiss* ♪

Happy Valentine (*>∀<*).:*:゜☆

By the way, it’s been 6 years
since I became an idol (P-A included) (*’-’*)

I’m really an idol!!
Eh?!! Me?!

~It’s been 6 years since I first had that thought

But in this time,
I met with so many people

Received so much support

And I’m so so
grateful for that de-ariyasu (*・Θ・*)

Thank you! (*’-’*) Everyone! .:*:゜☆