Posted on 2015-02-08 22:16:30

Good evening!
These photos were taken during the photoshoot for Nikkei Entertainment, which is currently on sale!

My hair was still long then!

I really love grey,
so I was smiling all the way \(^^)/

And then, Zawachin-san
did an imitation makeup from a book for me!!
I’m so glad!!! 😍
When we met up the last time, I was truly shameless and asked her to do it for me…
But I never expected her to really do so!
Not that I’m complaining… But it was a good imitation ♥ (laugh)

So I put on a mask Zawachin-san-style and took this photo! (laugh)
It’s an imitation of Zawachin-san imitating my makeup!
Hmm… So confusing! (laugh)