Posted on 2015-02-04 00:03:21

We attended the press conference
for Dragonball Z revival “F” today!!

And I became a Super Saiyan!!!!
I never thought I’d ever become one…!
I just felt so strong!

Today was the 2nd time I met Nozawa Masako-san!
She’s really such a nice lady,
and told us lots of stories during the break \(^^)/
We’ll do our best to drive up the mood for Dragonball Z revival “F” too!!!!

And so, today is the last day of winter!
Has everyone done their bean scattering—?
I just did it at home,
but there were some beans in the freezer at the press conference too, and we had a precious scattering session there as well! (laugh)

We ate Ehomaki as well—!
Mum told me that I was not supposed to speak while eating it,
so I was determined to do just that. But as I was eating it,

Mum asked “Is it delicious?”…
Hey, don’t tempt me! (laugh)

I almost answered her. (laugh)

But I stopped just in time (。-∀-)