Posted on 2014-01-22 01:12:57

Good evening-woof (´v`)

Today, the Momoka, Kanako and Shiori team
did the Ustream recording ( ^ω^ )

We did lots of comedy,
had an imitation competition,
talked a little,
and did the Ustream staple bingo event!! (laugh)

Ah, so much fun ☆
Ust is so free and so much fun! (laugh)

On Sunday, we performed at the
anime Kouhaku Utagassen!

It was our first time~ (^o^)!

Aarin robot was suffering a breakdown
so she could only sing,
but the Nippon Broadcasting Ver. was so cute!

And Tachiki Fumihiko-san, who always helps us out
with concert VTRs
did a live collab with us for the first time with Z Densetsu! (*^^*)

Hearing that voice live
really moved me!!

Wow, such a happy combo! ♡

And then, we did a collab on Maji LOVE 1000%
with Sphere-san
as Momoiro Sphere (^o^)

It was so much fun!!
They were all so kind too
It’ll be great if we can do a collab again, including Aarin (*^^*)

Everyone, thank you.

Clara has stood up~ (*^^*)



1. Aarin was cosplaying as Clara Sesemann from the anime Heidi, Girl of the Alps. Clara is thought to be an invalid and gets around in a wheelchair. At the end of the story, she manages to learn how to walk again.