Posted on 2014-01-10 01:00:29

The weather here at Tokyo
has been really bad, and it’s so cold everyday…

How is it at everyone’s towns??

But ♪
Somehow, everyday is still full of smiles- (*^^*)

Is everyone smiling too~??

Oh yes, while on our way home from our shrine visit,
we saw lots of street food stalls open
Mama wanted to go into one of the stalls for some food,
so the 3 of us strolled along, looking for a stall to eat at

I said that I wanted to have grilled chicken!!
Just then, we happened to walk past a grilled chicken stall,
so I started pestering Mama to eat there.

Just then, for some reason
a group of pigeons suddenly flew right above us (゜O゜; Ah!

Just like me, Mama is terrified of birds,
so the 2 of us crouched down low and started crawling away
And that was the end of our grilled chicken conversation…

We were just talking about eating grilled chicken one minute,
and the next, we were apologizing as if we had committed some crime…

In the end, after confirming that the great pigeon migration was over,
we stood back up
and continued walking while huddled together ε=ε=ε=(o・・)o

We spotted some delicious-looking displays outside a Chinese restaurant
and feasted on Chinese food for lunch instead
No use crying over spilt milk…

In the end, we all skipped dinner de-ariyasu (^Θ^;)

Ah! Moving on
I’ve realized that whenever I come home these days
I’ll hear the sounds of Mr.Children’s DVD playing in Mama’s room.

I really like them too, so I naturally peek in sometimes
The SENSE tour DVD is really good! ♪

Well, Mama’s collection has lots more
And of course, all of them are good too (*^^*)

Sakurai-san’s singing
and of course the drums, guitar and bass are all so wonderful
And~ Kobayashi Takeshi-san’s keyboard playing is too awesome!!
“LOVE hajimemashita” was performed so divinely (* *)
I’ve watched it countless times, as if trying to devour it!

Actually, my family
has been in Mr.Children mode whenever we’re home
ever since the new year (no, since year-end, actually-)~ ♪♪♪

I’ll definitely go to watch their next tour with Mama de-ariyasu (≧∇≦)

Ieiri Leo-san’s talented singing has also captured my interest lately
I really love “Chippoke na yuuki”
I hope to continue being motivated by various music this year
and receive lots of power from them, so that I can work hard (*^Θ^*)

Everyone, let’s use our 5 senses and our entire bodies to feel our favourite music
and receive power from them (*・Θ-*)

So, this entry has become so long
Will the emoticons show up this time round?!

Furu-chan, please help ^^;

Some off-shot photos from the filming of the opening movie for Momokuri ♪