Yesterday was M-Sta Super Live!
We sang GOUNN and Roudou sanka medley ( ^ω^ ) Our costumes were the Roudou sanka ones, modified to become a skirt Image
I was really nervous Image
It was a centre stage this time, and everyone could see us from 360° Image
That’s why I was more nervous than usual-!

However, we went along the walkway as well, and it was fun!
And during the ending, we all did a colour change-!
I took the yellow costime!
Do you think it fits me? ( ^ω^ )

I really like yellow, but since all Reni-oshi wear purple, I’ll wear purple forever too!

I hope to perform at M-Sta Super Live again next year!
And then, 2013 is finally coming to an end!
Only Kouhaku is left!
Let’s work hard everyday with a smile!


1. The title comes from Shiorin’s introductory verse in Z densetsu ~Owari naki kakumei~. Reni changed the “little sis (imouto)” in the original to “sweet potato (imo)” in the title, maybe because sweet potato is purple??