Hello hello (((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

Fuji TV’s next was Momoiro Christmas Round 2!
Thanks to everyone who watched it-!

There were so many distinguished guests, and the Momoclo band was there too. Announcer Miyake was there too, and we did a collab song together. It was so lively and fun!
But I was really nervous- Image

I’d love to take up the challenge again ( ^ω^ )

And then, lots of things happened yesterday too!
I was the first to dress up in a furisode for a special photoshoot of QJ Takagi Reni! (laugh)
Look forward to seeing it- Image

And it’s been a while, but we had a good ROFL moment yesterday too-!
And then, we screamed, it was unbelievable-! (laugh)

In short, yesterday was a peaceful day!
We’ll work hard for M-Sta!

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1. A furisode is a style of kimono distinguishable by its long sleeves. Furisode are the most formal style of kimono worn by unmarried women in Japan.