Today was the much-anticipated…FNS! (*・ω・*)

To everyone who watched it
Thank you! (`・ω・´)

We had a really happy time 

We did collabs with THE ALFEE-san,
Gou Hiromi-san,
and Saitou Yuki-san! 

Thank you!

It was really such a dream
To be able to attend such a grand party…Almost like a palace ball (*^ω^*)

Just by being together with all those wonderful artistes
Made Aarin so very happy! (*∩ω∩)

The wonderful music and Aarin’s joy
Is that enough to tell of Aarin’s wish for everyone to watch the show?

Aarin wanted to stay all the way until the end too~.

After she left the venue, and continued watching FNS on TV,
she knew that it wasn’t a dream afterall.

She hopes to return to this place again next year~ (*´艸`)

And to achieve that!

She will continue to run on! (^^)

…Together with everyone! 

Image Sasaki Ayaka Image