Posted on 2014-11-01 13:41:55

The talk show in Kyoto
Thanks to everyone who came down
especially those who travelled from far away (*^^*)
But… arrrghhh——————!!!
I was too nervous and couldn’t really speak well (・Θ・)
I’m really sorry that I was unable to deliver my feelings well,
when everyone had taken their time to come,
and lined up in the rain and waited long hours (TΘT)

But to see so many Mononofu gathered together
to hear my story,
that alone makes my heart feel so full…
My heart just wouldn’t stop racing…
It was really bad (*>Θ<*)

But this event was held because I really wanted to do it!! ☆
And it really came true ♪ I was just so happy (*>∀<*)

I guess I really can’t help
but love all the Mononofu (//Θ//)
Today just made me feel that really strongly again ♪

Next will be Nagaoka in Niigata—
Please look forward to the event! (*・Θ-*)
Maybe?? I’ll be able to speak better then??
I’ll try my best de-ariyasu (*`・Θ・´*)

I hope that everyone who came to Kyoto
didn’t catch a cold
or got too tired from the journey…
Please take care (*^^*)
Thank you so much! ♪
I’m really very grateful! (*T T*)

If everyone’s not too tired, UStream will start today at 11pm
Those who have the time, please watch it— (*^Θ^*)