UN1982: I want to feast on dried plums~!!!!!!!!
ayu_19980408: I want to eat ice cream~!!!!!!!!

lesliekeesuper: Team Leslie basically runs on LOVE and HOPE, and is made up on hunks running towards their dreams. However, we do sometimes have exceptional special guests. And one of them is definitely this person! Shibuya’s Mother Teresa, oi-chan!
ayu_19980408: What, really! oi-chan is hereee!! This is truly a revolution?!?!?

K1_Hiroya: Everyone, which one should I use as my new avatar? I feel that I shouldn’t use the 2nd one so soon…
ayu_19980408: But you really have a good body. It’s awesome having abody that can really show off your strong will ☆

UN1982: Let’s work hard for Day 2 of Osaka-nationnn (^^) And with a “That’s the spirit!”, good morning
JUNO_Japan: 형~!! Good~morning~!!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
ayu_19980408: Go Go Go~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♪

UN1982: Firstly, I’m hungry!!!!!!!!!!
JUNO_Japan: Let’s go!!! o(^▽^)o
ayu_19980408: Are you guys talking about the same thing~? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

ayu_19980408: No matter how the strong rain tried to depress our spirits today, everyone was just so energetic and enjoyed the a-nation show till the very end. Watching everyone, I truly felt so thankful. I think that was the best present for all the staff members who were running around and working hard on sleepless nights. Thank you!!

ayu_19980408: Yesterday and today at Nagai Stadium, I met with the smiles of 80,000 people ☆ And we had the best final show in this land of happiness! Thank you, Osaka!! Wait for us~ Tokyo!!!!!

Mannie69: Korean taco 😉
ayu_19980408: Im hungry~~~:P
Mannie69: me too 😉 backseat tacos ha-ha
ayu_19980408: Heeey!

lesliekeesuper: Walking along Omotesando now. I see lots of billboards for ayu’s new work 『FIVE』, featuring the photos which I took! I’m so happy! This is the favourite shooting I’ve ever done with ayu. The billboards for 『startin’』 single 5 years ago are so nostalgic too!
ayu_19980408: RT

lesliekeesuper: I’d like to do an interesting experiment. I want to make a collage of all the photos that ayu’s followers take of these billboards with their own cameras! If you see billboards for Hamasaki Ayumi’s new album 『FIVE』, please take a photo and tweet it to me. Also, let me know where you saw it. I aim to collect 500 photos.
ayu_19980408: RT

keisui_: With 10 years of consecutive concerts under her belt, Queen Hamasaki Ayumi’s heart is full of special memories. She has also changed the title of her nationwide tour to POWER of MUSIC. She wants to revive Japan with the power of music. The wishes behind this name was also incorporated into her a-nation show
ayu_19980408: What’s this? →

miisan2664: Maybe this? (o´∀`)b “Ayu: Dignified! Special Feelings in her Heart…” by Daily Sports – Y!News http://bit.ly/nqpKNN
ayu_19980408: Oh, I see @(・●・)

aka122: Does ayu think that appearing with JUNO on a-nation is the right thing to do?
ayu_19980408: Not only that, but I’ve always chosen what I wanted to do, and I won’t have any regrets. That will not change in the future too.

maririnmaririnm: Why do you think that? (^^)
ayu_19980408: When you do things because you choose to do them, you will think that way (*^^*)

ayu_19980408: There is never an answer which can satisfy everyone. Also, regret and reflection are different things.

ayu_19980408: @kmie75 Unni~~~ me too… How’s g oppa n everyone??? Is everything ok???

JUNO_Japan: 불이 꺼지지 직전 팬분들의 응원의 바람덕분에 다시 불꽃은 살아나는것같습니다.. 언제나 작은 불꽃을위해 바람을 보내주셔서 감사합니다.. 헛된바람이 아니었다는걸 증명하기위하여 작은 불꽃은 힘내겠습니다.. 어마어마해질테다!!!!!!
ayu_19980408: (*^^*)v

ayu_19980408: @kmie75 Why oppa is there??? So far~~~~~~~~!!!

ayu_19980408: @kmie75 Oh~~ ok~~~!!! Unni miss u a lot……;(

ayu_19980408: @kmie75 oh!!! Ajumma~~~:)))