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Nail Queen Award Ceremony
22 November 2011. 15:13:15

The Nail Queen Award Ceremony took place yesterday  

Once again, I’m really glad to receive such an amazing award  On the morning of the Award Ceremony, I was really nervous, but at the venue, there were lots of people holding Kanayan Tour towels and uchiwas and shouting “Kanaya~n!!”, which gave me lots of courage. I’m really happy for that too  
Thank you 

With Haruna Ai-san, who was with me yesterday 

With Masuwaka Tsubasa-chan 

And with nailist Moroki-san, from the Smooth Nail Shibuya branch, who always does my nails 

Moroki-san has been doing my nails for almost 2 years now, so it’s we’re both super happy to receive this award  
Thank you for always making cute nails for me 

Here’s the nails I had for the Award Ceremony 

Checkered pattern that’s trending this fall/winter  It’s a red checkered pattern this time, and to prevent it from looking too sweet, we added some black, both to the nails and to my dress  And since adding only black will make it look heavy, we added in some beige too 
By the way, the index finger of my left hand has an initial ‘K’ on it, and this lettering is unique and original to Smooth Nail. And because I took a liking to it, I got it printed on some of my nails  

It’s so small and cute