ayu_19980408: A magnificent rainy Tokyo. Troupe leader baby is wielding her rain girl power now. Wait for me, Hiroshima~ ☆

ayu_19980408: Today is a first day of my tour.the title is…..「POWER of MUSIC」it will b amazing!!!!!!!U must come visit to c our stage;)

Christophechoo: we wish you were here with us! 🙂
ayu_19980408: Oh god…miss u guys!!!

daichi1127: OK, first, to Hiroshima.
ayu_19980408: I had this feeling that a gyaru-male was following me~ so it was YOU!
TakaEriEvoX: Are you planning on attending ayu’s tour?
ayu_19980408: He’s going to do a Comaneci.

9pma: ayu-chan, you stand out too much dressed like that. (laugh)

ayu_19980408: Like this? (laugh)

ayu_19980408: All the staff gathered along the runway(?) and waved to me. So happy (*^^*)

ayu_19980408: And for some reason, all the cleaning oba-chans at the airport started clapping!!! So awesome!!! Oba-chans all over the world are so energetic (*^^*)

kmie75: ayumi, christophe had a manIcure and pedic (…)
ayu_19980408: Dont kill me unni—!!!!!!! But i can imagine so easy;)wanted to c it!!!

lesliekeesuper: 7 MAY 2011 will be a historical moment for the POWER OF MUSIC. Ayu I send you my Love & Good Luck through Twitter from Osaka.
ayu_19980408: RT

Christophechoo: we miss you too, so wishing you were here with us!!!
ayu_19980408: Upload ur manicure n pedi to here!!!Wanna c it;)

mikajohn: Praying for the success of ayu’s tour’s opening day. She must be so nervous now. (laugh)
ayu_19980408: I was shocked when I saw Mummy tweeting yesterday “I’ll be going on SMAPXSMAP tomorrow”. (laugh)

ayu_ta_heart: ayu-chaaan, there’s so many many many people at the Hiroshima goods stands ( ̄▽ ̄)♪
ayu_19980408: Zumimayu told me there are about 500 people waiting Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ Wow!

mika0111: ayu-chan, thank you for the best opening day!! Please continue to move forward and grow, to make tomorrow better than today. The live told me not to give up on myself, because I am still alive. (:_;) I feel that ayu’s smile is the gentlest I’ve ever seen.
ayu_19980408: (*^^*)

miniminiminiayu: ayu-chan… I was so touched by the live that I cried… (;_;)
ayu_19980408: (>_<)

AKARI221: This is the show which fits ayu-chan the most!!! I received all your messages, I understood it all!!! Your emotional tears were so beautiful, I cried too (;_;) ayu-chan, really really thank you so much (;_;)
ayu_19980408: ( ; ; )

ta0522ftw: I was really surprised at many elements of today’s show, but I had the very best time. Let’s meet again!!
ayu_19980408: (*^^*)

Ayun17Branko: I love the Hamasaki Ayumi who sits cross-legged on stage!!!!!
ayu_19980408: Wha-?

ayu102namie920k: I truly understand whay ayu wants to say (^-^)
ayu_19980408: ( ; ; )

aoijasmin: Sobbing!! I really need my bath towel—!! ayu-chan’s feelings have reached me. Thank you so much m(__)m
ayu_19980408: I want a bath towel too. (laugh)

saaaachon: ayu-chan, I’ve been expecting so much from this tour, but this has totally exceeded my expectations!!! Thanks
ayu_19980408: o(^▽^)o

RYU_UCHIN: There was an angel at Hiroshima Green Arena. With an angel’s voice. Thank you. Thank you.
ayu_19980408: ( ; ; )

arisa8: ayu! Everyone was so surprised at this year’s tour!!! I’m waiting for the Yokohama show so eagerly (≧ω≦)b Good job!!!
ayu_19980408: Giggle…

imuya_kix3: ayu’s singing figure looks like a goddess, a warrior, being so strong. I felt the power of music. Thank you so much.
ayu_19980408: Thank you so much!

piko0408: ayu-chan, good job for the live! Everyone’s been calling it the best! The effects of your vocal training are evident! I’ll see you again at Yoyogi!
ayu_19980408: Manaho-sensei~ ( ; ; )

ayukiTA1978106: I wonder how much more ayu-chan can evolve?
ayu_19980408: When everyone is with me, I can do anything.

ayu_19980408: Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, I cried so much, my face hurts. Hahaha.
ZIN19791126: I’m really surprised that I cried so much on the opening day too. I wonder why, since I felt really happy.
ayu_19980408: I know (*^^*) Let’s go all out tomorrow too!! Please don’t prank call me tonight ok. (laugh)

ayu_19980408: After today’s live, Daddy Pei was smiling so happily. All these months, he’s been working so hard, so he always looked tired (>_<) Seeing him today makes me feel so relieved and happy (*^^*)

Ayun17Branko: Looking through video recordings now?? ( ̄▽ ̄)
ayu_19980408: Yes d(^_^o)

gensity_yu_178: Big sis Aki-san said this →→→ “This LIVE’s message!! This LIVE’s message!! I was touched by ayu-chan from the very first song (●´∀`●)/ Our souls are here!! Please look forward to the show (^^)v” ☆ The troupe’s souls
ayu_19980408: Thanks, big sis Aki ☆

8candycandy8: I see. The troupe’s smiles do give ayu-chan happiness, healing, confidence and energy, more than anything else! Awesome! I support you with my heart!
ayu_19980408: I totally agree m(_ _)m☆

ayu_19980408: TA is updated. —> 「POWER of MUSIC」