Posted on 2017-09-30 21:13:49

Reni-chan and I did a location shoot this morning!
We walked a lot and had loads of fun \(^^)/
Then, we entered a bookstore and bought this!

I got to be on the cover of
OVER TURE 012, which is on sale now.
Please support me 😉✌︎

Ufufu ♡ The parka I wore today
is actually part of a matching set with this baby here 😍

Yay \(^^)/ Yay for silly mothers ❤️

Oh, and then, we went to the Nittele Lang Lang Hall in Yomiuriland,
and intruded on Reni-chan’s live radio broadcast & recording session \(^^)/

Long time no see, Gokurakumon!!
It made me recall lots of things! ☺️

Thanks for the enjoyable time!!
Everyone, please listen to Momoclo Punch~! 🤗