AYU’s Message

Konnichihuahua. CREA is not here…… Yes!!! It’s the princess’ 3rd Anniversary~
I got a cake with my face on it. It came with the message ~Commemorating your graduation from “searching for a place of belonging”, moving onto a new journey to “search for yourself”~!!
Uuh, it made me cry~ They’ve said it, a journey in search of myself!!!!
In that mood, I flew to Hawaii and got super tanned. Erm, and I found it. I found myself. What makes me Hamasaki Ayumi!
Everyone, what is happiness to you? Happiness comes in different forms for different people. You have to create your own happiness, in your own form! Because that’s us girls


 photo dejideji11_zps6f448e90.jpg

Photo Comments

Photo number Captions


Top gold: Number 1!!
Bottom gold: Nobody’s here yet~ Just one bite…


Top gold: Number 2!!
Bottom gold: I ate it—


Top gold: Number 3!!
Bottom gold: Wow~ It’s super delicious!!


Top gold: Number 4!!
Bottom gold: Let’s just cut it and eat it—


Black: SPARK-Ts big giveaway


Pink: Say! Cheese~!
Black: For the new Morinaga CM (lol)!!


Bottom black: Pola Pola Diary in the making!
Top black: No make-up.


Red: I like the dragon from 88 TEES.
Black: Isn’t it cool?


Black: 88tees-Ts big giveaway too!!


Red: Added a pin badge to this SPARK T-shirt…
Black: So cute~