AYU’s Message

Erm… Ah, konnichihuahua. CREA hates udon.
Anyway, I was shocked when I saw the amount of bento & drinks in the backstage area today!
I know I have lots of staff, but it just hit me again today, just how many there are.
Firstly, there are 2 male managers, 2 female managers (?) Right? Or was that 3 males and 1 female? (laugh)
Then, 4 hair & make-up stylists. 4 stylists, and 1 FAN CLUB in-charge.
And then, there’s the big shot, nailist Bancho. Plus Ayu, that’s 15 of us!
That’s the usual number, right… (p.s. I thought I was a solo artiste?)
And so, we spend lots on food. If I had to summarize it into one word… *mutter*… *mutter*…
However, we have lots of fun because we’re a big group. Aren’t you jealous~? Ufu ufu. Spring ooh-la-la~


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Photo Comments

Photo number Captions


Top white: ~Today’s scoop~
Bottom white: I finally realized the number of STAFF I have


Bottom black: So slee~~~~~py~ (We’re in sandals today. Hohoho… *chu*1. LOVE. Everyone.)
Bancho: Bancho’s Pola Pola Diary~
Ayu: Lots of the princess too.
Top black: Lots and lots of the princess, lots and lots of the princess, lots and…


Black: Left: Gold x beige. Right: Denim


Black: Left: Silver pumps. Right: Brown x beige


Black: Left: White ribbon. Right: Black x gold


Black: Left: Gold leopardprint. Right: White fur



1: Sound of a kiss