Popular song princess Hamasaki Ayumi, during a stage greeting session for her 2nd Full 3D Digital Cinema Concert 『Livespire「A3D II ayumi hamasaki Rock’n Roll Circus Tour FINAL ~7days Special~」』 at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills on 31 August, interacted face-to-face with her fans and caused an uproar throughout the entire venue. Dressed in a flowing adult cocktail dress decorated with black lace, Hamasaki kept the fans spellbound with stories and recountings about the concert.

Popular among the younger generation not only as singer but also as fashion leader, a wave of cheering erupted the moment Hamasaki entered the venue. Surprisingly, Hamasaki gave fans the OK to take photos of her during the stage greeting session, causing excitement amongst the fans and a clamour to take photos of Hamasaki in her dressy fashion. Appearing touched by her fans’ passion, she waved and shook hands while smiling as she walked down the red carpet laid out specially for the event. She also revealed her cute side, as she talked about how she often could not replenish fluids during her show, so she really looked forward to her first drink after each concert. “I often look forward to finding out what my first drink after the concert will be, but recently I like having grape juice”, she revealed.

Initially scheduled to show from 9 April, the Eastern Japan Disaster resulted in a postponement of the cinema concert until now. Hamasaki herself was also very happy about the day’s premiere showing. “Thank you all for coming here today. This was a very special 7days concert for us, so we’re glad that it can be shown here for everyone to see,” she commented with deep feeling as she looked at everyone in the audience.

With regards to 7days, praised as the best concert in Hamasaki Ayumi history by fans, Hamasaki repeated that “We had never experienced something like those 7 days, so this was really a personal battle for all the band members, dancers, and of course the staff. They really worked hard these 7 days.” Following that, she continued “We did it because everyone was there for us!” Thanking her fans with a big smile, her joy was easy to see.

This movie is the 2nd chapter of Japan’s first real full 3D digital cinema concert, featuring Hamasaki Ayumi’s nationwide tour and using the latest movie-making technology to render in 3D. The concert held in Yoyogi Gymnasium in October 2010 is fully recorded in this 3D movie, and resurrected such as to give a feeling of being at the concert venue itself. The movie will also be shown in Hong Kong and Taiwan as well.

『Livespire「A3D II ayumi hamasaki Rock’n Roll Circus Tour FINAL ~7days Special~」』 will be showing in Shinjuku Wald 9 starting 3 September.

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Original Article and Photo from Cinema Today here.