8candycandy8: Her love for mankind as artist Hamasaki Ayumi, her business as part of the company: both are important, and because she cares about both, there will be conflicts. Essential conflicts. Both may end up hurting her, but I still think that it is wonderful.
ayu_19980408: (*^^*)v

ayu_19980408: Nothing can be born from offense roll roll roll~ 

momoka07xx_TA: If not for offense, why is ayu battling?
ayu_19980408: Not for defense or escape, but for coexistence~ 

0213YOHEI: How was X-JAPAN’s performance??
ayu_19980408: I was so completely absorbed in the perfect soulful show that I forgot to breathe. It was overwhelming. It was so awesome that I still can’t find the words to describe it, but I really received lots of power for my show, which was directly after X-san’s!!
YoshikiOfficial: I’m glad!!
ayu_19980408: … Was that an RT from Yoshiki-san? Is this a dream???

ayu_19980408: TA is updated now with regards to tomorrow’s stage greeting ☆

AyumiJae_TVXQ: Ayu’s official facebook page is now up!! http://t.co/HL9k3iI
ayu_19980408: Thx!!!!!! →

JUNO_Japan: Everyone, 31 August aka today is my debut. Thank you for your messages. I will work harder. Please continue to support me from now on (^∇^)
ayu_19980408: 축하!많은 꿈을 실현해 갑시다!! GO~GO~Dongsaeng!!!!!!

AyumiJae_TVXQ: ayu♡「S Cawaii」9.7 in stores →
ayu_19980408: Haha,Thx again:))
TA_yoookkooo: How old are you? ((((;゚Д゚))))))) You’re too cute ♥ (laugh)
ayu_19980408: Mossball will be 33 in October roll roll roll~ 

ayuxmie: There’s an ayu corner on iTunes ♥
ayu_19980408: ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

ayunews: ayumi hamasaki facebook start!! http://t.co/v3UiS44
ayu_19980408: RT

ayu_19980408: 32’s mossball 

ayu_19980408: But this is also 32’s mossball 

ayu_19980408: And then, this is 22’s mossball 

ayu_19980408: 26’s mossball 

ayu_19980408: Lastly, 20’s mossball 

YOSSY_TA_: Good morning (*^^*) MikaJohn Mama, have you heard ayu-chan’s newly released album FIVE? (//∇//)
mikajohn: SakiHamaa~! →
ayu_19980408: I’ll send it to you ASAP, great mother m(_ _)m
mikajohn: Good. ← What’s with this?
po_oq_yu0408a: How long will ASAP take? ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡ Has it reached Mika Mama yet? ♡
ayu_19980408: It’s still rolling along 

AAAyu_suba: do it again, congrats for Oricon No.1 ☆ ORICON STYLE NEWS 【Oricon】 Hamasaki Ayumi No.1 again on General DVDs ranking chart after 2 years&3 months: http://t.co/elFo8vK
ayu_19980408: I broke the record again because of everyone m(_ _)m

kazumahamamoto: Ahh, I’m nervous ( Д)
ayu_19980408: It’s ok. There’ll just be lots of audience and lots of media and lots of people around the world watching on Ustream and it’ll also be broadcast on tomorrow’s variety shows and on internet news etc… If you make a mistake, it’ll just be recorded on tape ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

RED_69: Hahaha! Even @ayu_19980408-san gets a shock when @YoshikiOfficial-san RTs!! (laugh)
ayu_19980408: Well~ We’re just from totally different backgrounds. I got such a shock that I have a headache now.

YoshikiOfficial: We last met at the Aichi Expo! Good job with a-nation!!
ayu_19980408: Thank you! Good job too!! Looking forward to when we next meet again (//∇//)

ayu_19980408: I was so flustered that I forgot to add that space in front of the @ sign. ↓

ayu_19980408: All the dancers were so nervous, I’ve never seen such expressions on them before, interesting ♪(´ε` ) So, with Roppongi Hills finished, next will be Shinjuku Wald 9! You’ll get to see it on UStream (*^^*)v
JUNO_Japan: WOW! Awesome!
ayu_19980408: See you later, Dongsaeng~ (^O^)/ Be careful and come back to Tokyo~
JUNO_Japan: Nuna~ See you later~ (^O^)
lesliekeesuper: C u both later★
ayu_19980408: Cant wait to c u guys☆

ustream_jp: 【Soon】 Hamasaki Ayumi Special 3D Live 「A3D II」 Stage Greeting will begin soon! http://ow.ly/6hmih #ayu (8/31 17:03)
ayu_19980408: RT

ayu_19980408: Shinjuku Wald 9 is also done!! Everyone, thank you for spending this ♡pink day♡ together with me!!

cinematoday: [Movie] Hamasaki Ayumi surprisingly said OK to inpromptu filming! Interacting face-to-face with fans! http://t.co/0qliJGv
ayu_19980408: RT

ayunews: Firstly, for 「Today’s ayu!!」, we have a group photo from the premiere showing!! (^з^)-☆ *ku →→→ (PC) http://t.co/cVCkmMz #ayuDay
ayu_19980408: Rooooock ψ(`∇´)ψ♪

chun_0910: ayu really reached out her hand so she could shake hands with as many as possible. Those who managed to shake her hand naturally burst into tears. She said it was ok to take photos, it was ok to stand, and we could all feel ayu’s love. ayu and her fans are so united, it’s so wonderful that I cried (…)
ayu_19980408: ( ; ; )

ayu_19980408: 「FIVE」 is No.1 on Oricon’s Daily Chart!!!!! I’m so so happy roll roll roll (>_<)ノ~

K1_Hiroya: I went out to buy FIVE today. Luckily, my place still had 2 copies on sale and I managed to buy both, but seems like lots of people did not manage to buy any. I’m glad to have been part of this album!
ayu_19980408: Seems like lots of places sold out (>_<) FIVE really powered up because of the power from you guys~ ☆

ayu_19980408: Team Leslie boys! I’ve collected everyone’s names and signatures and passed it on to the team leader~ (^_−)−☆

ayu_19980408: Oyasupissun (*^^*)