Posted on 2015-04-02 00:32:02

It’s already spring~
No longer time for heat packs!
It’s already April~

Hello! April *\(^o^)/*
We had some free time during work today, so I visited the Sazae-san shop at Fuji TV together with my manager!
Then, we went to DiverCity and Village Vanguard, then shamelessly played the UFO catcher games at the arcade (lolol)
Sadly, we didn’t win anything…
Then this group of elementary school boys tried to win the doll I was aiming for and got it, and when I asked “Did you win that? That’s so awesome”, they ran away (lol)
We then went back to Fuji TV, and played around in the movie section. It was a day of laughter!

And then! April Fool’s!
Did everyone manage to fool someone?
Takagi managed to fool the staff, her friends, and her Mama!
I fooled Mama together with my manager! (lol)
It’s true (lololol)
Mama really believed us, and only realized when Papa shouted “It’s April Fool’s!” over the phone 😨

She felt really indignant after we ended the call, so she and Papa went on to fool Papa’s brother!
I heard that he got really angry (lololol)
It was truly an enjoyable day!

Ah, but one thing.
Let’s not crack any ill-omened jokes!

That’s it! Let’s enjoy April with energy too!